Yamaha Twin/Concord Series YV-TP-12/20

Бренд: Solas

Код: YV-TP-12/20

На складе: Информация доступна после оформления заказа

Цена: 18 694,47 грн.
Twin impeller for Yamaha models gives you the ultimate performance. With added acceleration and gains in top speed performance. Great for racing, towing and flyboard recommended for stock to stage 3 kits. Includes Free Инструмент Импеллера
2014-2015 FZR
2014-2015 FZS
2014-2015 FX SHO
2014-2015 SHO Cruiser

Stock Engine: No modification made to the Engine.
Limited Engine: Little modification limited to bolt-on items with slight horsepower increase.
Modified Engine: Modifications including bolt-on items and internal changes, increasing horsepower considerably.

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