Kawasaki Traction Mats 1100 STX DI /900 STX /1200 STX R /STX 12F /STX 15F 2000-2012

Бренд: Kawasaki

Код: 130BT208

На складе: Информация доступна после оформления заказа

Цена: 3 303,33 грн.

Производитель(SBT по умолчанию):


Blacktip Jetsports Mat Kits are a great upgrade to factory traction mats. They provide not only a custom look but superior traction for safety in all types of riding situations from racing to cruising. All mat kits come standard with Blacktip's Jetsports exclusive PSA ( pressure sensitive adhesive) to make installation easy - without the big mess of having to glue them down. Simply peel the backing off - press the mats into place and they are ready to go. This is an easy afternoon job and makes a world of difference on how your ski looks.

*Please note, we only accept returns on black cut-groove mats. All other mats are not stocked and considered custom. *Please Note, Color Samples may display differently depending on your PC/ MAC Monitor Settings. Color Samples are available upon request.

2004 STX 15F
2005 STX 15F
2006 STX 15F
2007 STX 15F
2008 STX 15F 
2009 STX 15F 
2010 STX 15F 
2011 STX 15F 
2012 STX 15F 
2003 STX 12F
2004 STX 12F
2005 STX 12F
2006 STX 12F
2007 STX 12F
2010 STX 
2009 STX 
2001 900 STX
2002 900 STX
2003 900 STX
2004 900 STX
2005 900 STX
2006 900 STX
2002 1200 STX R
2003 1200 STX R
2004 1200 STX R

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