Kawasaki Remanufactured Jet Pump Housing2011 2012 2013 Ultra 300LX/X 2014 2014 Ultra 310 LX/X/R 2015 Ultra 310X SE

Бренд: SBT

Код: 75-3767

OEM: 59496-3767

На складе: Информация доступна после оформления заказа

Цена: 12 559,39 грн.
Not actual Assembly, representative only. 160mm pump assembly All pumps are sold on an exchange basis. SBT remanufactured pump housings are glass beaded and a new matte painted finish is applied. New stainless steel wear ring installed to O.E. specification. New bearings and seals installed in housing. New impeller shaft is supplied for housing Nose cone does not come with pump. Impeller does not come with the housing We do not remanufacture the Kawasaki 1200 (Ultra 150) Examples of Core Exchanges
2011-2013 Ultra 300X
2011-2013 Ultra 300 LX
2014-2015 Ultra 310X 2014-2015 Ultra 310 LX
2014-2015 Ultra 310R
2014-2015 Ultra 310X
2015 Ultra 310X SE

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