Kawasaki Dynafly Series KP-DF-15/24

Бренд: Solas

Код: KP-DF-15/24

На складе: Информация доступна после оформления заказа

Цена: 7 233,18 грн.
Dynafly - - Maximum AccelerationOur new impeller is designed to give high compression ratio pumps a stronger acceleration with less cavitation. This impeller is capable of giving your PWC an incredible boost in its performance. The SOLAS product line includes Dynafly impellers for the Kawasaki Ultra 150 pump and the Sea Doo 951 pump.
Modified Engine 2003-2011 800 SX-R

Stock Engine: No modification made to the Engine.
Limited Engine: Little modification limited to bolt-on items with slight horsepower increase.
Modified Engine: Modifications including bolt-on items and internal changes, increasing horsepower considerably.

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