Kawasaki 2002-2005 STX-R/2003-2005 STX 12F 15F/ 2006 STX 900/2009-2010 STX

Бренд: Kawasaki

Код: 108BT213

На складе: Информация доступна после оформления заказа

Цена: 5 296,85 грн.

Производитель(SBT по умолчанию):



2002-2005 STX-R
2003-2005 STX
2006 900 STX
2009-2010 STX

Our program allows you to see the pattern on-line and create your own color scheme for your brand new jet ski seat cover. The cover is made from high quality marine vinyl and designed to last for years. The individual section provides for a tight, custom fit and look.

Please choose the color for each panel:

Vinyl color choices:
Black, Deep Blue, Royal Blue, Teal, Burgundy, Gray, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Lime Green, Purple, Red, White, Yellow and Orange.

Carbon-Fiber color choices:
Black, Silver, Purple, White, Copper, Dark Gray, Yellow, Blue and Red.

Non Slip Material available in Black. <br ><br > Please note all seat covers are custom made to suit your specific color and material. There are no refunds or exchanges so please make sure to order correctly.

BlackTip Jetsports Seat Cover Color Samples may view differently than actual color, depending on monitor settings.

Color samples may be sent to you upon request

Applications2002 STX-R
2003 STX-R
2004 STX-R
2005 STX-R

2003 STX
2004 STX
2005 STX
2006 STX 900

2009 STX
2010 STX

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